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Artist Gorillaz
Album Demon Days [Vinyl]
Year 2005
Album DR 11
Min. track DR 10
Max. track DR 13
Track DR
11 12 11 12 13 10 11 11 12 10 11 10 13 12 13
Codec Other lossless codec
Source Unknown
Label EMI Records Ltd
Label code
Catalog number 873 8381
Bar code
Comment 2005 - EMI Records Ltd / 873 8381 / Vinyl Got a factory-sealed copy, ripped on third play. Vinyl itself sounds quiet and fine. The mastering is the same as the CD (or a 24/96 version of that). The few "Demon Days" vinyl pressings that got made all share the same trait of a bit of a high-frequency/sibilance problem, most notable on cymbal crashes on "Kids with Guns" and "Every Planet We Reach Is Dead" and Damon's "s"s on the verses of "Kids with Guns". Equip: Yamaha P-520 turntable, DK-DNN239 stylus, Sony LBT-A190 tower, a stereo cable, Conexant HD Audio sound card, Audacity. This record has been wave-gained: ripping - splitting the stereo into mono files - individual gain of the stereo channels - re-combining them - track splitting - album gain extra gain UNCHECKED hard limiter UNCHECKED no clipping prevention CHECKED
Algorithm TT DR Offline Meter (or compatible)
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