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Production year of this specific edition (YYYY).

When using the file extensions WAV, WMA, MP4 and M4A please determine, whether the used codec is lossy or lossless, as both is possible.

Log file created by the TT DR Offline Meter 1.3+ in folder mode (dr.txt). Please use one audio file per track.

Check this box if you used MAAT DROffline to create the log file. This is necessary to differentiate between the old and the new improved measuring algorithm.

Make the log publicly visible. Please do not use the comment field to post the log. Use this checkbox instead. Clean path names as you see necessary to remove private information before uploading the file.

Complete name of the record label.

Official code of the record label.

Catalog number of the record label.

UPC, EAN, GTIN or equivalent unique identifier.

Country of origin or, if unknown, country of sale.

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